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Version 1 of the T-Shirt for "Take My Hand". Track 1 of "Electromagnetica" by Heartless The Monster 

it's me on shirt. there's a s**tload of colors. i dont even know if it looks good on all those colors. i just saw how many options there were so i just started clickin and clickin and now you have options. that's what i do for you. i give you choices. i love you. pls dont leave me. i can change i swear. these other girls dont mean nothing to me. could you image if i just started posting Drake lyrics here. meh. he'd probably sue. Drake's that type of guy. i dont even know him, but i bet he sues. 


i still f*** with him though. CLB was alright, but id be lying if i didnt say i was a fan. 


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"Take My Hand" T-Shirt (Version 1)

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