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T-Shirt inspired by the 2nd track on "Electromagnetica" by Heartless The Monster

someone needs to buy this shit. i'm up to my fucking eyeballs in stickers and tshirts and i'm drowning. i'm gonna be honest with you. i took a loan out from some very important people and if i dont pay up i'm gonna have to "face the music" in a big way. i can't do that. i got a lady, 2 cats and a dog at home. i leave and the whole ecosystem goes to shit. everyone pissin' and shittin' all over the place, fightin' for dominance and when someone stops by and sees the aftermath and thinks "DEAR GOD,HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??" i want you to know it'll be on you, it'll all be on you, because you didnt buy this goddamn tshirt. whatever. dont buy it. i dont even care. you know what. i dont want you to buy it. add this shirt to your cart and i'll kick you in the goddamn teeth. you dont deserve this shirt. punk bitch.


please by this shirt. i am so sorry and so poor

"Shades of Love" T-Shirt

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